Complete your living room with this 2-piece leather sofa set
that  features a block design full of rich adorned furnishing for
relaxing or entertaining. Each piece includes pillow back
supports, plush seat cushions, curved armrest and short peg
leg supports. Available in black or brown.

* Top Grain Leather.
Loveseat 59" x 36" x 38"H
Sofa 79" x 36" x 38"H

* Chair 37" x 36" x 38"H : Sold separately.  $270
Sofa + Loveseat  $850
* Brown color
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* 진짜 가죽 소파입니다. Top Grain Leather. 두껍고 부드러운 가
* 갈색, 검정색 두가지 가능 합니다.
* 조립식 소파라 시트, 백쿠션 모두 따로 떨어집니다.
* 의자(Chair)는 별도로 판매합니다.
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Coffee Table Not Included.
Coffee Table sold separately
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